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Inspired by our core values, at Your Actions Changes Things Inc. (UACT), our mission is to create a compassionate environment of dignity and respect. UACT is driven to help individuals live fulfilling and productive lives using their unique capabilities. We advocate for their rights and provide practical services that lead to self-empowerment and self-determination. Our main focus is to promote personal and professional achievement within the community through multiple avenues of support.

Core Values

We envision that the individuals we serve will move forward with their lives with optimism and resolve; that the communities in which they live will benefit from the professional and personal achievements; and that our model of outreach and support to all individuals and their families will be replicated throughout the nation.

  • Dignity

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Empowerment 

  • Excellence

  • Encouragement

  • Support

  • Personal Growth

  • Continue the growth and maturity of our organization and its programs while the expanding current programs to serve more people in the community.

  • Increase the number of professionals involved with our organizations  better serve the individuals we work with.

  • Put necessary building blocks in place to continue operating in the most efficient manner to best serve the community.

  • Build long-standing relationships and partnerships with other organizations in the community that share a similar vision. 

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