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Back to School Drive
Homeless Assistance
Our main goal here at UACT is to meet the needs of the present in order to improve socio-economic skills for the future through three pillars of sustainability:
Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Program is our community outreach services, which includes various community programs, volunteers, and organizations. Some of our current programs are Homeless Assistance, Give a Load laundry services, Back-to-School drives and much more! We aim at meeting the needs of the community by providing resources and tackling communicable challenges together. 

Pillar 1:
Community Engagement

Services Include:

  • Travel with A Purpose

  • Give A Load

  • Back to School Drive

  • Homeless Assistance

  • ACTION Program

Social Services Assistance

UACT helps individuals including those with disabilities and social obstacles. UACT provides valuable services and resources to help individuals manage personal expenses such as shelter, food, and monitoring account limitations.

Pillar 2:
Social Services Assistance
  • We will advocate for beneficiaries to protect, maintain or reinstate benefits through waiver appeals to Social Security Administration.

  • Through our services, we believe each individual holds the key to their success and with our help, we help individuals strive for economic stability.

Services Include:

  • Organization Representative Payee 

  • Social Security Application Assistance

  • Budgeting & Finances Assistance


UACT's Differentiated Learning Solutions program provides fundamental enrichment opportunities. Through our program, we provide tutoring, resume building, mock interviewing, IEP support,and much more.

Pillar 3:
fundamental learning
  • We are dedicated to preparing every individual in our program to be academically, socially and emotionally ready for life's challenges. We empower and encourage each individual to reach his or her full potential throughout our program by equipping them with the skills and the tools to be successful in all their future endeavors.

Services Include:

  • Tutoring 

  • Resume Building

  • Mock Interviewing 

  • Career Builder 

  • And more!

Program goals:

  • Manage personal obstacles

  • Minimize intense pressure

  • Build Relationships 

  • Advocacy Support

Program goals:

  • Build Foundation Skills

  • Client-Centered Focus

  • Integrity Based 

  • Build Individual Stability

Program goals:

  • Service Orientated

  • Support Driven

  • Build Personal Awareness

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