Back to School Drive
Homeless Assistance
Our main goal here at UACT is to meet the needs of the present in order to improve socio-economic skills for the future through three pillars of sustainability:
Pillar 1:
Community Engagement

Services Include:

  • Travel with A Purpose

  • Give A Load

  • Back to School Drive

  • Homeless Assistance

  • ACTION Program

Pillar 2:
Social Services Assistance

Services Include:

  • Organization Representative Payee 

  • Social Security Application Assistance

  • Budgeting & Finances Assistance

Pillar 3:
fundamental learning

Services Include:

  • Tutoring 

  • Resume Building

  • Mock Interviewing 

  • Career Builder 

  • And more!

Program goals:

  • Manage personal obstacles

  • Minimize intense pressure

  • Build Relationships 

  • Advocacy Support

Program goals:

  • Build Foundation Skills

  • Client-Centered Focus

  • Integrity Based 

  • Build Individual Stability

Program goals:

  • Service Orientated

  • Support Driven

  • Build Personal Awareness

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller
Federal EIN 83-3859658

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UACT is a 501c3 organization committed to serving and giving back to the community.