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Meet the Founder

Tamadj Flowers is the founder of Your Actions Changes Things, Inc. (U.A.C.T.). She moved into the nonprofit sector from an eclectic charity background. She was inspired from a tender age of 8 by her mother, who established a nonprofit organization called S.T.A.N.D. Their mission to help women and children by supplying living necessities or cooking meals with them as an inspiration to ignite a sense of togetherness.


Tamadj ran the gauntlet of volunteering at a soup kitchen, a women's shelter, children homeless centers, and street services; as well as creating a girl mentoring group in high school. Following high school, she joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., which allowed her to help her community on a larger platform with individuals that looked and sounded just like her. Tamadj graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor's degree in Human Services, and recently graduated with her Masters in Counseling from Liberty University.


Since all she has known was to help others, she established a reputable nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a compassionate environment of dignity and respect. Flowers chose the name Your Actions Changes Things (U.A.C.T.) because she is a firm believer that your actions change things. Whether those things be a job, a degree, raising a family, starting a new business, becoming a mentor, or even a mentee. Your actions affect everything you do. She is an extraordinary woman who aims to aid individuals in uncovering their unique capabilities to help them live a more fulfilling and productive life in the community. Flowers understands the amount of strength and effort it takes to provide services that seem unattainable to the community. 


Stirred by the stories she comes across every day and inspired by the enthusiasm of other young people to volunteer, Tamadj's ingenuity knows no boundaries. Her well-tailored initiatives are inclusive for all. Everybody seems to ask why she chooses to work in this field since it doesn't make any money. Her response has always been the same: it's not the money she is chasing, but the change. She loves working with people, especially kids. She feels kids are the most honest people. They let you know what is meant to be real. She challenges people to fulfill their real purpose in life to become an engaged and socially-conscious human being. Flower's philanthropic achievements have garnered recognition in and around her community.

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